About Me

I am often asked why I coach and my answer is simple: I love seeing peoples mindset shift and grow right in front of my eyes. To see someone overcome the blocks that have limited them from being the person they want to be and living their best life, really is a great privilege.

Emotional Health - Breakthrough Coaching & Mentoring is my passion. When I see others limiting themselves because they have accepted that this is just the way life is and how they are, it saddens me because it doesn't have to be that way. Life is for living... Not existing! 

I specialise in emotional health. I teach people how to have good emotional hygiene. To really understand their emotions, to be able to have self awareness and to develop emotional resilience. I help people to become emotionally resilient so that they can live their life with confidence and manage their mindset and state. 

So what is it that I do? I change peoples lives. A bold statement - but true. I have a varied and diverse set of skills that together provide, Breakthrough Coaching, Mentoring & Transformational change. It is a combination of, intuition, life experience, NLP, EFT, EFRMR, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health. It is a winning toolkit that gets results. 

There is no better training than real life, living through the darkness and stepping out into the light. Today I live my life on my terms - I designed the life I love and so can you. I will give you the belief in yourself to prove that you absolutely can be the best version of yourself and live your life on your terms.

When we work together you can expect results - breakthroughs, improved confidence, self belief, manage anxiety and overwhelm and importantly you will learn to be unapologetically you! You will have the inner confidence and belief that works for you. Together we create the best version of you and design a life you love. 

I have over 20 years of experience of managing, coaching and mentoring in the workplace, leading and transforming teams to excel at both personal and team targets. I have a genuine passion for coaching, personal development and outstanding customer service delivery.

I am an experienced, certified Life and Business Exective Coach (MAC) Certified in the following practices - Life Coaching, Youth Coaching, Business & Executive Coaching, NLP Coaching Dipolma, Mentor, Trainer of NLP, Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, EFTMR Practitioner (Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques) Matrix Reimprinting and Reiki Practitioner. I help my clients to gain clarity, overcome fears, remove limiting beliefs and work through other obstacles to make deep and significant shifts so they can achieve their true potential and reach their goals.

My coaching is enhanced by using my own systems, I have a natural coaching style which is complemented by NLP tools and techniques. I use these sensitively and skilfully, to make deep and significant changes. My approach is intuitive, person centred and solution-focussed and is backed by science. This enables me to break through past timelines to change patterns of behaviour and thinking, with rapid life-changing results.

Certified in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health. Recognised and certified by the AIP (Association of Integrative Psychology), I am also a Full Member of the Association for Coaching and Professional Member of ANLP (Association of Neurolingustic Programming)  I adhere to a strict code of ethics, standards and best practice.
*DBS checked (formally known as CRB) 

Coaching with me is your investment to yourself and it will benefit you for your entire life. I am fully committed to guiding you on your journey to achieve your dreams and desired outcomes.

As you are reading this I know that you are wondering how my coaching will make the difference that you have been waiting for - so contact me now to arrange your complementary 30 minute, no‑obligation consultation to find out more.

Also, take a look at what some of my previous clients have had to say about the impact my personal coaching has had for them.

You can also find me on the Life Coach Directory www.lifecoach-directory.org.uk/lifecoaches/elizabeth-holt as a verified Coach and Therapist on the findatherapy.org directories. 


An initial 30minute complementary telephone consultation is offered prior to me taking new clients. My approach is not one size fits all, we are all unique individuals with different needs and objectives. For this reason my packages are bespoke and tailored exclusively to the individual needs of my clients. 

I work closely with each client to ensure that I understand their objectives and priorities. Each session results in tangible benefits and includes science backed tips that can be implemented to overcome obstacles and improve your day to day life and future goals. 

For your convenience sessions are available online via Zoom and in-person at one of my consulting rooms located in Rickmansworth, Herfordshire and Uxbridge, Middlesex.

In my experience sessions online sessions are as equally as effective for my clients as in-person sessions. This means distance is no barrier and I work worldwide so, the choice is yours. 

Contact me to book your complementary 30 minute phone consulatation today. I look forward to speaking with you.  

*Corporate / Staff Coaching - Please contact me to discuss your requirements.  


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