Solution Focused Coaching 

My coaching approach is non judgemental and most importantly, it is unique to you and completely focused on you. During a coaching session you will be safe, you will be listened to, you will be understood, you will be supported and you will be empowered as I guide you to look inside yourself as you tap into your own resources to find your inner power.

I believe that we all have the resources inside of us to achieve our desired outcomes. As your Coach, I will not give you advice or tell you what to do - instead I will guide and help you to find your own answers to create the changes you want in your life. Together we will be creating your future.

I am curious and interested to know what is truly important to you; what makes you tick, who you really are? I will hold space, listen intently without judgment and I am prepared to ask some tough questions to guide you to the answers that you already have within you, leading you to achieve your desired outcome.

I use coaching models, proven methods of solution focused outcomes and accountability goal setting, all of which will enable you to achieve what you want in life.

There will be structure to our sessions but no fixed agenda. What we will have is an agreed outcome and set tasks for each session.

In return, I invite you to be 100% committed, honest, open, responsible and accountable for your actions. To recognise choice in every situation and to understand that there is no failure, only new learnings.

Here are some examples of the many areas where coaching is used successfully.

Achieve a goal or ambition
Goal settings and desired outcomes
Gain clarity on what you want, why you want it and how to get it
Gain control of your emotions, state and behaviour
Change life direction
When feeling stuck or lost in life
Lacking vision or purpose
Overcome limiting beliefs, low confidence, insecurity
Weight management
Overcoming anxiety and fear
Increase self belief and confidence
Excel in your own field, to achieve your full potential
Improve the balance between work and home life
Conquering inappropriate emotions
Coping with bereavement
Achieving better relationships or improved communication in relationships (personal & professional)
Resolving internal conflict
Learning to love yourself
Greater satisfaction in life and work
New perspectives on challenges and opportunities
Personal development
Overcoming procrastination
Managing stress
Addictions or bad habits
Time management

Youth Coaching 16+

I am also a recognised and certified Youth Coach - Enhanced DBS Checked. 

Youth Coaching is a branch of Life Coaching that provides wonderful, invaluable, impartial support and guidance to youths. Helping them to overcome challenges, understand their emotions, manage stress and anxiety, and importantly to develop their own resilience. Resilient children are those who resist adversity, manage to cope with uncertainty, and are able to recover successfully and thrive.

Private Youth Coaching sessions are tailored to the specific needs of your child and family. That means your child receives one on one support, attention, and guidance and that the sessions are designed specifically for your child.

Private Youth Coaching sessions also provide the opportunity for children to share and explore things of a more sensitive or personal nature - things that they may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable discussing. 

Some examples may include;

Fears, worries, and anxiety.
Low self-esteem/self-worth
Understanding and managing emotions
Discovering their true potential
Setting and achieving goals 
Discussing difficult issues 
Family breakdown or divorce

Take the first step in your journey, now that you are ready and committed to a new you or if you wish to discuss the benefits of Private Youth Coaching and are now wondering how I can help your child through my Private Youth Coaching sessions. Contact me to arrange a free 30 minute, no-obligation consultation.

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