Corporate Coaching & Training 

Our Coaching & Training Programmes will enable Team Leaders and Managers to coach their teams more effectively in any area and also to manage stress and anxiety in the work environment.

Poor Mental health is now the number one reason for staff absence - source: By investing in your employees through our Coaching & Training programmes it can support the wellbeing of your employees and reduce absenteeism.

Do you have employees who are struggling to meet their full potentional and targets? 
Do you find that your team aren’t all singing from the same hymn sheet - They have lost sight of the vision and the why?
Do you have any employees who struggle to manage their stress & anxiety levels, achieve targets?
Do you have employees who have lost motivation?
Do you have employees who resist change?

These are just some of the examples which can contribute to a demotivated working environment, affecting morale generally which then starts to impact on attendance, results and customer satisfaction levels. Your employees are not showing up as the best version of themselves each day and that is where our Coaching & Training is the change you need.

Now is the time to recognise and acknowledge this, it is not the way it has to be. With the right coaching, training, strategies and techniques your employees will have new inner resources to support them in the workplace and beyond.

It is so important to invest in the wellbeing of your employees and nurture your talent. Our Coaching and Training Programmes offer solutions and strategies which benefit all.

It takes the best managers to keep employees, motivated, happy and engaged and all too often coaching skills don't often come naturally to managers. This is where our Coaching and Training can provide your Managers with the skills and tools they need. It is important that companies create a personal development strategy which is aligned with your company's core values and vison creating clear organisational goals and accountability. 

Our Coaching & Training can be personalised to teams, individuals or both by creating bespoke Coaching & Training programmes, goal setting, personal coaching plans, as well as formulating one to ones.

There are many benefits of introducing NLP into the workplace; some of these are listed below.

Transformational leadership
Stress management
Outstanding communication skills
Negotiation skills
Customer relationships
Presentation skills
Change management
Become better at managing, coaching, appraising and giving feedback to your team
Sales techniques
Plan and achieve business objectives with well formed outcomes
Be more effective in meetings
Know how to manage and resolve conflict
Remove limiting beliefs
Negotiating skills

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